(bø-mah-feer-axt-tin) n.

conflicting feelings of envy and loathing aroused by the paraphernalia associated with discerning subcultures.

[German: from Bohme Bohemian + Verachten scorn]


About HA


An uplifting ensemble of objects that celebrate the waning of cold and the welcoming of warm.

Spring Edition

To Cultivate

Exercise your green thumb without the fancy gym membership.

To Renew

Invigorate your mind, your senses, and your slumbering chakra.

To Repel

Stay dry through April Showers so you can bring May Flowers.


To Spruce Up

Reaffirm that you've grown in the winter when your apartment looks like a Dwell spread.

To Emerge

Hone your skills at outdoor play, 24 hours a day.

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