The Golden Era

Products like the Moccamaster are made by and for a group of people whose origins are hard to pinpoint, but one thing that’s clear is this bohemian subculture - often negatively described as “hipster” - is one of obsessive, particular tastes, initially innovative, then annoying, then universal. What in 1993 began as a fashion statement has permeated consumer electronics, houseware, the culinary world, and transportation.

The Legacy

While recent news seems to indicate that the derogatory term and its associated culture are slowly peddling towards extinction, what legacy has it left on our day-to-day? Well, we opt for preservative-free, free range snacks. We support our local businesses. Our clothes are a little tighter. Microbrews are the new Miller Lite.

"As the hipster wanes, we find ourselves contemplating the sensibilities he leaves behind."

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Every season, Hipster Appliances brings you seasonal, hyper-specific, exceptionally designed products from exceptionally particular people.

The Inspiration

When Studio Akko, a NYC-based boutique UX + design studio, moved into our new office, we were fascinated with the Technivorm Thermo CD Moccamaster Coffee Brewer, a machine with over a dozen moveable parts, that we shared with our officemates. It took three designers and twenty minutes to make a cup. We were torn. We wanted to hate the Techivorm Moccamaster but Lord, we loved the coffee it brewed.

A part of you thinks they're ridiculous.

The other part wants them for your birthday.


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For a cause

This site was created by Studio Akko, a design firm that’s passionate about creating products and experiences that make the world easier, better, and more enjoyable. We're proud to announce that 50% of all proceeds from our Amazon Affiliates earnings will be donated directly to LISC NYC, a group dedicated to "helping low income New York City neighborhoods become healthy communities of choice -- good places to live, do business, work and raise families." Here's to hoping our little hack will help hipsters inadvertently give back to the neighborhood.

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