(bø-mah-feer-axt-tin) n.

conflicting feelings of envy and loathing aroused by the paraphernalia associated with discerning subcultures.

[German: from Bohme Bohemian + Verachten scorn]


Issue II: Fall 2013

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A menagerie of trappings to make the most of autumn's transient glory.

November 2013  :  Fall Edition

To Record

Capture the crisp panoply of fall's Pantone-perfect foliage before it fades into the ether.

To Repose

Why does just the weather get to chill? Take a moment before the holidays.

To Dine

Fire up one last grass-fed, locally sourced burger before you retire the grill for the year.

To Enjoy

Let the mercurial breeze invigorate you through the cable-knits of your cardigan.

To Excurse

Immerse yourself in autumn's ephemera with your shawl collar to the wind.

It's Good To Be Particular

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