(bø-mah-feer-axt-tin) n.

conflicting feelings of envy and loathing aroused by the paraphernalia associated with discerning subcultures.

[German: from Bohme Bohemian + Verachten scorn]


Issue III:  Winter 2014

About HA


A cozy selection of things to keep your spirits high in the season of hibernation.

Winter Edition

To Dwell

Make your winter shelter a palace.

To Rejuvenate

Spring will be here soon enough, don't whither away in the meantime.

To Outfit

You may not be Roald Amundsen discovering the South Pole, but it sure feels like it outside.


To Trek

Don't hide away all winter, get out there.

To Distract

Cabin fever is contagious, but so is cozy merriment.

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